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Fishing remains one of the United States’ most popular recreational activities. According to the American Sportfishing Association (ASA), there are more than 46 million licensed anglers drifting in our nation’s waters. It’s estimated that over $48 billion is spent yearly on fishing gear to lure in big fish. Launching fishing trips is an excellent way to bond with friends or family, relieve stress in the great outdoors, and support your region’s wildlife management. Fishing for food is also beneficial health-wise since most species are low in fat and high in omega-3 fatty acids. Buying the right budget-friendly fishing gear could make your next expedition more successful.

Casting Online Shopping Searches

Traveling to a physical sporting goods store isn’t necessary to purchase a new rod or stock your tackle box with bobbers and lures. Online shopping is growing in popularity among your fellow fishmongers. E-commerce makes it possible to forego crowds and shop for gear from your laptop or smartphone during a fishing trip. Convenience is partly why the U.S. Cross-Channel Retail Forecast predicted that online sales will skyrocket by 56 percent through 2020. This growth signals that there will be a vast variety of fishing gear choices to choose from. We’ll help you narrow down the different brands and products for a stress-free, affordable purchase.

Privacy is one of the biggest concerns fishermen have about shopping online. It’s a worthy worry because cyber criminals can be lurking like sharks. The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that 7 percent of U.S. adults have experienced identity theft. At Best Fishing Values, we strive to help consumers stay safe online. We only link to trustworthy websites with SSL encryption installed to protect your personal data from hackers. When researching products like the best fly reels, tackle boxes or casting nets, we reference, one of the most respected online retailers. We’ll also share secure shopping tips, such as avoiding transactions over public Wi-Fi and averting dodgy scams.

Another unique setback to online shopping is you’re only able to view the fishing equipment through a screen. Actually holding and testing the products such as spinning rods or fly reels isn’t feasible. This could leave you puzzled about which is the best for your boat. In fact, Shopify declared that 67.45 percent of online shoppers abandon carts before paying. It’s our goal to eradicate this problem by leaving none of your questions unanswered. Our in-depth product reviews and pictures don’t skimp on providing the details you need for an informed decision. You won’t be left guessing about essential specs like line weight, casting power, and backing capacity.

Reeling in the Best Fishing Values

By flipping through the pages of fishing catalogs you can see that the hobby is sometimes costly. The team at Best Fishing Values wants to guide you to the best return on your investment. We make consumers well-versed in important fishing gear variables to find the greatest value. Our researchers weigh various features to truthfully display the best fly rods and reels and more. We don’t limit our searches to only big-name brands like Pinnacle, St. Croix, Quantum, and Okuma. We’ll dive deeper to determine the finest fishing gear for your buck based on several factors, including:

Quality and Innovation: Snagging a great deal will be quite meaningless if the fishing gear doesn’t live up to your expectations. We search for budget-friendly products that don’t sacrifice quality for lower price tags. We survey countless product descriptions to judge gear’s ability to tackle any species. We’ll look beyond advertising “fish stories” to deem how well equipment actually performs in the water. Our informed team knows the difference in graphite vs. fiberglass, spinning vs. casting, and sinkers vs. hooks to establish high quality standards. We’ll also look for innovative pieces like depth finders for your arsenal.

Fair Market Value: Everyone’s aware of the idiom “you get what you paid for.” Fishing gear is like any other retail commodity with an enormous range of prices. While high-end equipment is usually worth it, lower-priced bargains aren’t necessarily a waste. Fishing novices can often find quality rods for under $50. More advanced anglers could pay anywhere from $50 to $400 based on their fishing outing needs. We endeavor to match outdoor lovers with the right fishing equipment for their specific budget.

Functionality and Durability: Whether you’re aiming to catch rainbow trout, walleye, catfish, largemouth bass, or northern pike, you’ll need durable gear to withstand even the most stubborn catches. We look for affordable equipment that is also functional. Gear has to be well-crafted with strong pieces and fishing line so that fish bigger than minnows don’t bend it. For example, we would factor in that carbon fiber rods are more prone to breakage than glass fiber ones. Our reviews give preference to medium, heavy, and ultra-heavy power suitable for avid fishermen.

Customer Services: Having confidence in your fishing gear purchase is our top priority, so we look for the availability of customer services. There’s nothing worse than being stuck on shore with a broken rod or twisted line. We want to keep you on the water with top-notch products backed by warranties. For instance, Shimano has a one-year warranty with an Express Road Service Plan to fix any angling issues expediently. We also look for manufacturers who have published user-friendly manuals and offer 24/7 assistance to answer any questions after shipment.

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