Top Seven Electric Ice Augers Under $600

Best electric ice augers

Choosing the right ice auger for ice fishing can make or break your angling experience. And if you’re considering an electric ice auger, it’s imperative to select the best one for your needs—an electric ice auger that will make your fishing trips as enjoyable as possible.

That doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars on a single tool. There really is such a thing as a cheap electric ice auger. In this review, we’ll discuss seven excellent electric ice augers available now for under $600.

Ion Electric Ice Auger

This electric ice auger is powered by a rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for gas or other fume-emitting fuels. Compared to most gas-powered ice augers, the Ion is lightweight (22 pounds) and remarkably quiet while operating.

The Ion Electric Ice Auger leaves no jagged ice at the bottom of the hole, so your fishing line won’t fray and break at a crucial moment.


  • 3 AMP hour Gen 1 battery
  • Ion reverse
  • Planetary gear transmission
  • Steel auger construction
  • 3-year warranty

Why You Should Consider It

With its impressively lightweight quiet operation and rechargeable battery, the Ion Electric Ice Auger, priced under $500, creates smooth cuts that will facilitate your fishing experience.

Landworks Ice Auger with Power Head

The Landworks Ice Auger is another lightweight, rechargeable-battery operated auger that produces smooth results. Wide-spaced handles create improved balance, and the brushless motor provides a smooth, robust digging process. 

The Landworks Ice Auger also features an overload protector to prevent the powerhead from overheating, a high-intensity LED surface light that provides clear surface views, and a 3-planetary gear mechanism for increased transmission efficiency.


  • 2 AMP hour lithium-ion battery and charger
  • Wide-spaced handles for improved balance
  • Overload protector to prevent powerhead from overheating
  • 3 planetary gear mechanism
  • Reverse torque control
  • High intensity LED surface light
  • Brushless motor
  • 3-year warranty

Why You Should Consider It

The Landworks Ice Auger is a reasonably-priced machine that provides a surprising amount of power considering its lightweight and near-silent operation.

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Thunderbay B52 Ice Auger Powerhead with 10-Inch Auger

The Thunderbay B52 Ice Auger is a machine with plenty of power paired with precision cutting. Its Thunderbay Cold-Start Supercharger guarantees that this auger will start in any weather. The oversized recoil handle is comfortable for both bare and gloved hands.

The Thunderbay B52’s high carbon cutting blades cut through ice quickly and precisely. While it is heavier than some battery-operated augers, it provides an impressive amount of power and precision.


  • Thunderbay Cold-Start Supercharger
  • 10-inch diameter cutting
  • High carbon cutting blades
  • Oversized recoil handle
  • 52cc two-cycle engine

Why You Should Consider It

The Thunderbay B52 ice augur is a cheap, yet powerful tool for cutting smooth holes quickly.

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top seven electric ice augers

ION 39250 Eight-Inch R1 Electric Ice Auger

Although very similar to the first ION in this review, this particular auger features a rechargeable battery with an impressive 5 AMP hours. The Ion Reverse feature flushes slush ice down the hole, eliminating the need for an ice skimmer. 

The auger centering point enhances the precision of the blade placement, and the compact handlebar design makes it easier to drill next to walls in ice houses.


  • 5 AMP hour Gen 1 battery
  • Ion Reverse
  • High-strength composite polymer cutting head
  • Auger centering point
  • Planetary gear transmission
  • 2 LED lights
  • Compact handlebar design
  • 3-year warranty

Why You Should Consider It

This relatively inexpensive ice auger is light and precise, featuring blades with impressive cutting ability that will speed up the process so you can get busy fishing.

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Jiffy 56-08-ALL E6 Lightning Electric Powered Eight-inch Ice Drill with Xtdrill Assembly

Another lightweight battery-operated option, this ice auger from Jiffy provides a convenient handle-squeeze starter and wide stand control handles to reduce hand fatigue during operation.

This auger’s reverse feature eliminates the need for hole skimming by flushing ice slush down the hole. 


  • Handle-squeeze starter
  • Reverse feature to eliminate hole skimming
  • Wide stand control handles

Why You Should Consider It

This inexpensive ice auger features easy starting, reduced hand fatigue, and a long-lasting battery.

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Clam Outdoors 120-Volt Electric Ice Auger

Another cheap battery-operated ice fishing auger, this Clam Outdoors model features an eight-inch auger, a reverse feature for clearing slush ice, and a 120-volt rechargeable battery.

This model is lightweight and provides a reasonable amount of power and precision for an affordable price.


  • 8-inch auger
  • 120-volt battery
  • 15-inch extension
  • Blade cover
  • Charger
  • Bag
  • Reverse feature

Why You Should Consider It

The Clam outdoors 120-volt ice auger is lightweight and comes with several handy accessories.

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Robbey 52cc Electric Ice Auger

This ice auger features a high-compression 52cc engine that provides plenty of power for cutting even the thickest ice. The engine is single-cylinder and air-cooled.

The ergonomic, wide butterfly handle is removable for easy storage and provides improved balance. 


  • 2-stroke 52cc gas engine
  • Single-cylinder, air-cooled
  • 8-inch diameter, 40-inch cutting depth
  • Ergonomic handle

Why You Should Consider It

This machine’s powerful engine and affordable price make it an excellent choice for ice fishing.

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Buyer’s Guide to Electric Ice Fishing Augers

best electric ice augers under $600

If you’re in the market for a cheap ice fishing auger, you should take several factors into consideration before you click Buy Now in your Shopping Cart.

The ice auger you choose will have an enormous impact on your ice fishing experience. How much time you spend cutting holes, whether the holes are the right size for your needs, how tired your hands and arms feel, whether the holes you cut are smooth-edged or jagged—all of these elements will be determined by the ice auger you choose to purchase.

So before you commit to an ice auger, consider how it stacks up in each of the following categories.

Battery Life

The battery life of the ice auger you choose is a significant factor to take into consideration. With gas-powered augers, you can just refill them when they run out. Not so with an electric auger. Unless you pack an extra battery, you’re done drilling for the day once the battery dies.

It is essential to choose an ice auger that provides sufficient battery life to drill the number of holes you need for an ice fishing session.

Hole Size

The size of the hole your auger creates is also critical. Different kinds of fishing require different size holes. Bigger holes may be more conducive to catching large fish. Smaller holes may be better for ice fishing with your family, especially for the safety of little ones.

Determine the correct hole size for the kind of ice fishing you want to do, and purchase an ice auger that makes holes of that size.


Cutting holes for ice fishing is a time-consuming process. You want to do anything you can to speed the process along so you can get to the actual fishing.That’s what you’re there for, right?

Researching the speed with which an auger cuts holes can help you determine the correct ice auger to fit your needs.


One significant advantage electric ice augers have over gas-powered machines is that they tend to be lighter. A heavy piece of machinery can cause fatigue in your hands and arms, especially if you have to use it for an extended period of time.

Even among electric ice augers, there is some variation in weight. Try to find the lightest auger you can that provides all the features you need. That way, you will avoid exhausting yourself before you’ve even dropped a single line.


The amount of power the engine in your ice auger produces is another factor to consider before you make a purchase. The more powerful the auger, the more quickly it will perform its job.

More powerful ice auger engines also help to cut through thicker ice. If you will be ice fishing in a spot with exceptionally thick ice, you definitely want to find a high-powered machine to do the work quickly and efficiently.


An ice auger is an investment in an essential tool for a hobby that you love. The price range of ice augers is pretty broad, so you need to determine how much you can budget for this tool, then narrow your search down to the augers that fit your budget.

As you can see from the above list, there are several excellent options for ice augers under $600, so you don’t need to go deep into debt to purchase the auger that will fit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an Electric Ice Auger?

An electric ice auger is a rechargeable battery-operated tool that drills holes in sheets of ice, often used for ice fishing.

Why Is an Electric Ice Auger Better Than a Gas-Powered Ice Auger?

Electric ice augers offer a few advantages over gas-powered options. Here’s why:

  • They are more environmentally friendly. 
  • They usually operate much more quietly than gas-powered tools. 
  • They do not emit fumes or leaks. 
  • They tend to be more lightweight than gas-powered ice augers, reducing the amount of fatigue caused to your hands and arms while using them.

How Much Does an Electric Ice Auger Cost?

The prices of electric ice augers vary pretty widely. Some ice augers can cost thousands of dollars, while others can be purchased for under $400.

What Should I Look For in an Electric Ice Auger?

Before you purchase an ice auger, you should consider its battery life, the size of the holes it creates, the speed with which it cuts holes, the weight of the tool, the amount of power its engine produces, and the auger’s price.

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