Top 10 Cheap Fly Rods

Whether you are a seasoned pro or are just getting started in fly fishing, there are many unbelievably cheap fly rods out there that can get the job done. For some, being out in the wilderness and experiencing such a venue is rewarding enough. For others though, the possibility of making a catch to be proud of is what it’s all about.

Whether you are looking for an affordable fly rod for women, a fly rod for kids, or even just a fly rod for beginners, we’ve got your ultimate list here. Read along as we review the top 10, low-cost fly rods that are available right now.

  1. Okuma Crisium Graphite Two-Piece
  2. Piscifun Four-Piece
  3. Fenwick HMG Fly Rods
  4. Eagle Claw Featherlight Two-Piece
  5. Tailwater Outfitters Toccoa Four-Piece
  6. Fiblink Four-Piece
  7. Temple Fork Professional Series II
  8. Maxcatch Ultra-Lite
  9. South Bend Black Beauty
  10. Maxcatch Seven-Piece Traveler

Okuma Crisium Graphite Two-Piece


Thoroughly tested and made of quality materials, the Okuma Crisium Graphite Two-Piece provides a reliable fishing experience for beginners and experts alike. It is a two-piece rod assembly composed of rosewood, titanium oxide, and stainless steel. The Okuma Crisium is also very lightweight due to its intelligent graphite design.

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Piscifun Four-Piece


The Piscifun Four-Piece is a lightweight, versatile, and relatively cheap fly rod setup. A powerful rear section provides strength and leverage where needed while the unit’s sensitive tip provides the most telling action and the most accurate short casts. A graphite core, ceramic ring stripping guides, and stainless steel snake guides all make for the ultimate in longevity.

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Fenwick HMG Fly Rods


Fenwick’s excellent, HMG model is a great choice in reliable yet affordable fly rods. The HMG is a recreation of the well-known, original graphite rod that was released 40 years ago. This earlier form of perfection was combined with some comfort enhancements of today and thus presents itself now as the awesome, new, Fenwick HMG. This rod set comes in sizes multiple from 7′ 6” to 9′ in total length.

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Eagle Claw Featherlight Two-Piece


The Featherlight Two-Piece made by Eagle Claw is a great choice for those wanting an ultra-light action specifically. With a line weight of 5/6, an aluminum and cherrywood reel seat, and 7+ tip guides, you can get just the right, fine-tuned action you desire. The Featherlight is also heavily field-tested for ultimate longevity and quality assurance.

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Tailwater Outfitters Toccoa Four-Piece


The Toccoa Four-Piece by Tailwater Outfitters is a relatively low-cost fly rod considering its great quality level and features. For travel, the rod is easy to break down and reassemble with indicator markings at each connection point. IM8, fast-action graphite provides great accuracy and durability. The rod’s included storage tube, ceramic stripping guides, aluminum reel seat, and anti-fatigue handle make it even more of a winner.

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Fiblink Four-Piece


The Fiblink Four-Piece’s carbon fiber construction makes it lightweight, but also notably strong at the same time. Its multipurpose hook holder, aluminum reel seat, and enhanced sensitivity graphite components go even further in the hands of its user. Also enjoy unsurpassed comfort and hours of fishing with an ultra-premium, anti-fatigue cork grip.

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Temple Fork Professional Series II


For those specifically looking for an affordable option in the medium-fast rod category, the Professional Series II by Temple Fork is a great option. This rod comes in a smooth matte, black finish with stylish, gold accents. This model’s anodized reel seat materials, aluminum inserts, and premium cork handling all make for the best experience on the water.

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Maxcatch Ultra-Lite


The Maxcatch Ultra-Lite is a super-light, travel-friendly, four-piece fly rod. It comes with a handy carrying case, an AA Grade cork grip, ceramic stripping guides, and an expert-machined reel seat. This rod is medium-fast actionable with IM8 graphite durability included.

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South Bend Black Beauty


Representing the 8′ fly rod group, this super affordable option is quite popular right now. Straight-forwardness is the theme here with a simplified body design and straight-forward features that make it excellent for use as a beginner, or even children’s fly rod set. South Bend’s Black beauty boasts reliable, medium action, a performance-tuned, high-graphite design, and a distinct advantage in catching pan and sunfish in particular.

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Maxcatch Seven-Piece Traveler


The Seven-Piece Traveler by Maxcatch provides deeper, more advanced fly fishing experiences, harkening the seasoned vets that know a good deal on fly rod sets when they see it. Enjoy a sturdy, 9′ travel rod with its handy travel case in this package. Some of the amazing features of this particular selection in cheap fly rods include the use of 100% pure, IM10 carbon fiber, AAA Grade half-wells cork grip, chrome snakes, and a solid-machined, aluminum reel seat.

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