Top 10 Cheap Tackle Boxes

Cheap tackle boxes are a great way to fulfill storage and carrying needs when it comes to that special fishing trip. Within these boxes, countless anglers store their special weapons and tricks of the trade. You can get a basic box today quite affordably and still expect to receive some pretty solid dependability and user function.

What features should I consider in my choice of tackle boxes? What sizes and feature variations might I find without breaking the bank? In the spirit of clarification in this area of angler necessity, we seek to help make the choices a little bit clearer. Here are the top 10, low-cost tackle boxes available right now.

Plano Two-Tray Box


Plano, a name synonymous with the sport of fishing itself provides its basic yet reliable, two-tray box here. Colored blue and off-white, this box features a brass-bailed latch, two, top storage areas, a large central, lower storage area, and customizable trays that can be arranged into compartments numbering between 14 and 23 in total. This is great as a children’s tackle box or starter setup.

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Plano 1354


At it again and hitting the top 10 list of best, affordable tackle boxes once more is Plano with its model 1354 tackle box. A certain step up from its two-tray model, the 1354 boasts an intelligent rack system that actually vertically holds four, individual trays in place as a stack. Above the stack is a top storage area. Other great perks include being made in the USA, a lifetime warranty, and the use of quality materials in construction.

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Sougayilang Waterproof Strong Box


The Sougayilang Strong Box measures 6 1/2” x 3 3/4” x 1 3/4”. This visibility orange-colored box provides a very straightforward offering in tackle storage. It is made of quality ABS plastic and includes 24, separate compartments. Enjoy secure, dry storage and a lid that happily springs open for you as soon as unlatched.

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Berkley Tackle Bag


As opposed to the standard tackle box, Berkley provides us with an excellent tackle bag. With an easy-to-use shoulder strap and handle, carrying options can conveniently vary. An all-weather bottom, strong mesh pockets, and zippable compartments adorn the exterior of the bag. On the inside, users have the option to use any of the four, included storage boxes, or simply utilize the open space instead.

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Turtle Tackle Box


The Turtle Tackle Box represents a unique offering in the realm of the top, low-cost tackle box. As its name implies, the Turtle Tackle Box is shaped like a turtle shell which actually opens and closes to reveal an array of inside compartments protected by a strong, exterior turtle shell. Not only is this 12-compartment option great for adults, but it also acts as a perfect tackle box for kids, or, for the ladies, a perfectly novel tackle box for women as well.

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Docooler Waterproof Fishing Box


Courtesy of Docooler, the Waterproof Fishing Box is a great way to carry your tackle and other fishing gear. Inside, place your prized fishing arsenal in the provided, secure trays. Close the box and enjoy a firmly closing door and latch system, a resilient, impact-resistant body, and viewing ports to see contents without needing to open the box.

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Plano One-Tray Box


For those looking for a no-frills, solid yet affordable tackle box, Plano’s One-Tray Box offers just that setup. With one removable tray and multiple fixed compartments within, this box provides a basic and beginner-friendly approach to lures and tackle storage. Other features include a collapsible handle, brass-bailed latch, and the classic, red and white angler’s box color scheme.

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Flambeau One-Tray Box


Courtesy of Flambeau, the hot-pink One-Tray Box offers the ladies and kids alike a great, utilitarian yet cheap tackle box. Features of this very affordable tackle box include varying tray depth and an ability to use up to 12 compartments, tip-guards, an all-weather body, its Drawtite latch system, and tongue-and-groove enclosure for alleviating excess moisture entry.

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Plano 1099-00 Saltwater Tackle Wrap


Plano’s dominance in this realm is clear with yet another entry on the list – the 1099-00 Saltwater Tackle Wrap. Rather than a small tackle box, the intuitive wrap design is perfect for the basic saltwater getup. Clear pockets, six compartments, rugged construction, domestic manufacturing, and an extremely light, overall weight make the 1099-00 an easy-carry saltwater fishing necessity.

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Frabill Youth Zombie Fish Box


In eye-catching, neon green and black with accompanying zombie decal, the Youth Zombie Fish Box is a fun take on youth fishing. Constructed of solid materials and a water-resistant shell, the Zombie Box also features two, upper compartments, a quick latch, and a full-size liftout tray. As far as quality yet cheap tackle boxes go, the fish better beware when the Zombie Box is there!

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