Top 10 Kids Rod + Reel Combos

If you’re interested in affordable rod + reel combos for kids without breaking the bank, then you don’t have to settle for something of low quality. There are plenty a low-cost rod + reel combos for kids that perfectly satisfy all categories without disappointing in any department. For their dependability and quality, the following have been recognized as some of the best cheap rod + reel combos reels for kids on the market for children.

Zebco Spincast Packaged Combo

zebco-spincast-packaged-combo-kids-rod-reel-combosThe reel and rod combo includes a 5’6″ two-piece rod and a tackle wallet. The ratio of the combo is 2.8:1, including highly durable ABS housing with fully metal gears. The drag is star-adjustable, the hook keeper is in-built, and the pickup pin is made of stainless steel. The package includes both the pre-spooled reel and a 10-pound monofilament line. The medium action rod is made out of the Z-glass and features an EVA handle.

Kid Casters No Tangle Fishing Rod

kid-casters-no-tangle-fishing-rod-kids-rod-reel-combosThis rod has been made with a no-tangle design. At 34 inches in length, this is a youth-sized rod. The line is 6 pounds and the gear ratio is 3.1:1. This fishing rod is just as good for practicing as it is for live angling. Thanks to the design of the lure, it instantly transforms into the image a sponge fish after it’s been cast. The line is kept from twisting with a snap swivel. The practice casting plug has a large hole that allows it to be clipped onto a plastic hook, which also attaches to any line or training lure.

Redington Minnow Youth Outfit 5WT Fishing Rod

redington-minnow-youth-outfit-5wt-fishing-rod-kids-rod-reel-combosThis fishing rod has been specially designed for use by all ages six and up. Designed for easy casting, the body of this fishing rod is made of graphite. It is a two piece model with a 5/6 weight. The cross water reel has been designed to be both durable and easily manageable. Kids will probably enjoy the cut-out targets and the casting game included in the box with the rod.

Ugly Stik Jr. Spincast Kit

ugly-stik-jr-spincast-kit-kids-rod-reel-combosThis rod + reel combo for kids comes with both a practice casting plug and a 7-year warranty. This rod is pre-spooled with EVA grips, making it a good choice for children. The line is 6 pounds, and the body of the ride has been optimized for both strength and durability. The kit includes everything that anglers need to have a complete fishing session.

Pink Kids’ Fishing Pole Starter Set for Girls by Fishing Gear Plus

pink-kids-fishing-pole-starter-set-for-girls-by-fishing-gear-plus-kids-rod-reel-combosThis kids rod and reel combo for girls has been specially designed to make it easy for little girls to get their first experience angling out on the water. All of the necessary floats and hooks are included in the basic kit. Though it may be colorful, this rod is far from being a toy; with the right guidance, your daughter can very well use this rod and reel combo to catch their first real haul. This telescopic fishing pole extends out to 5 feet and 3 inches, and it is capable of compressing down to 15 inches for easy storage.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Curved Backer

teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-curved-backer-kids-rod-reel-combosThis 29.5 inch youth -sized rod has an 8 pound line and a 3.1: gear ratio reel. Though it is designed for youth, this rod is fully functional and capable of catching everything from sponge fish to saltwater bass. The sponge fish training lure transforms into a sponge fish immediately upon being cast out, and the casting plug has a large hole that allows it to be clipped on the plastic hooks. Included with the kit is a handy fish identifier guide.

Shakespeare Disney Frozen Tackle Kit

shakespeare-disney-frozen-tackle-kit-kids-rod-reel-combosThis rod and reel combo is 2’6″ long. And all-in-one package, the kit includes the line, a round knob, a finger guard and a thumb button extension. Included with the rod are both a casting plug and a multi-purpose tackle box, optimizing the convenience straight out of the package.

Zebco Fishing Dock Demon Spinning Combo

Zebco Fishing Dock Demon Spinning ComboThis is a 30 inch Z-glass rod with a solid core that has been specially designed for maximum durability. In addition to being extraordinarily tough, this rod has also been made ergonomic with a comfortable EVA handle. This pre-spooled rod has a 6 pound line and a ball bearing drive that is changeable between left/right hand retrieval mode. The line capacity extends up to 135 yards in total.

Shakespeare Salamander Spincast Combo

shakespeare-salamander-spincast-combo-kids-rod-reel-combosThis is a 4’6″ rod made of reel tubular glass and a 6 pound line. The rod has been made suitable for children between the ages of about 10 to 12 years old. Though the rod has a playful and colorful experience, is perfectly capable of catching real fish.

Berkley Ugly Stik Jr. Spincast Rod & Reel Combo

berkley-ugly-stik-jr-spincast-rod-reel-combo-kids-rod-reel-combosThis reel combo is one of the best choices for children who are just starting to get serious about their angling experience. The ride has a clear tip design in order to optimize its durability and increase its lifespan. While the ride is very tough, the EVA grips have been implemented to make handling it ergonomic for its young users. The rod is pre-spooled and is designed with a 6 pound line.

As the above kids rod + reel combos all indicate, you can definitely get a quality fishing rod for your children without having to spend a fortune. Before you make your final decision, make sure that you pay attention to the durability, flexibility, and inclusion of all components needed for complete angling session. Make sure that the handle on the kids rod + reel combo is ergonomic enough for your child to use it without straining their hands, but also tough enough to wrangle in a real haul when the time comes for the catch.

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