10 Best Subscription Boxes for People Who Love to Fish

Subscription boxes packed with hooks, different kinds of baits, and other gear are perfect for anyone who loves to fish! Shipped either monthly or quarterly, fishing-themed subscription boxes are a great way to learn about new products, acquire helpful tips, and build a collection of flies or baits. But with so many subscription boxes available these days, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with choices. That’s where we come in! Keep scrolling for 1o fishing-themed subscription boxes you’re sure to get hooked on!

The Fly Crate

From $14.00 / month
Upon signing up for The Fly Crate monthly subscription box, you can choose between receiving a box geared towards fly fishing for either trout or bass. Then, you’ll receive a selection of flies specially curated for the region in which you live and/or most frequently fish. Should you receive a fly you’d like to purchase more of, you’ll receive a 15% discount as a subscriber. As an added bonus, The Fly Crate donates flies and money on a monthly and annual basis to help rehabilitate disabled veterans.

Mystery Tackle Box

From $16.99 / month
Mystery Tackle Box was one of the first fishing-themed subscription boxes to hit the market, and it remains one of the best. Boxes arrive on your doorstep monthly, and are filled with specialty lures and baits from all of the top brands. For a customized experience, simply choose your preferred type of catch (bass, trout, panfish, catfish, walleye, or inshore saltwater) upon signing up. Like to mix things up? You can change your preferred species at any time. Boxes come in regular size ($25 in value), pro size ($40 in value), or elite ($60 in value).

Lucky Tackle Box

From $16.99 / month
Lucky Tackle Box is a monthly subscription box filled with new and popular baits. Upon signing up, subscribers can choose the type of fishing they do most. Choices include bass, trout, and even ice fishing. Three different monthly boxes are available:

  • a regular box ($26 value)
  • an XL box ($26.99)
  • a tournament box ($85 value).

Fishing Enthusiast Monthly Box

$17.60 / month
Fishing Enthusiast’s monthly subscription box is specially tailored for your fishing style and preferences. Three options are available:

  • freshwater
  • saltwater
  • freshwater fly

Each box features a high-quality, premium lure and a tip sheet for finding the most success. Subscriptions are available in a three-month, six-month, or year-long timeframe, and you can even choose your preferred month to start!

Freestone Fly Fishing Company

$18.95 / month
Those who love to fly fish won’t be disappointed by the Freestone Fly Fishing Company’s monthly subscription box! Each month’s box is packed with value, and includes:

  • 6-12 premium flies
  • stickers
  • additional fly fishing-themed items
  • tips for fly fishing success
  • a one-year membership to Trout Unlimited

Three different box themes are available: freshwater trout, salmon/steelhead, and fly-tying.

Reel Tackle Box

From $18.95 / month
No matter what kind of fishing you’re into — bass, fly, saltwater, ice, and more! — there’s a Reel Tackle Box for you! Subscribers have their choice of more than 10 different monthly boxes. Each is packed with top-quality baits carefully curated to match your preferred fish, region, and style.

Warriors Tackle Supply Box

From $19.99 / monthly
There are three different Warriors Tackle Supply Boxes to choose from:

  • the standard box
  • the XL box
  • the pro box

Once subscribers choose their desired size box and their favorite species to fish, they’ll begin receiving curated boxes packed with various tackles, hooks, baits, and more.

Postfly Box

From $24.95 / month
Postfly claims to be the original subscription box for people who love to fish. Whether or not that’s true, it is one of the best. Each box comes packed with flies and other useful fishing gear. Fishing experts, or “guides,” curate each box based on the subscriber’s location and fishing habits. As an added bonus, Postfly subscribers receive 10% off when they shop the Postfly store.

The Sportsman’s Box

From $25.00 / month
Anglers who also enjoy hunting and other outdoor adventure are sure to love The Sportsman’s Box. This monthly (or quarterly, if you prefer) subscription box is packed with 2-6 carefully curated items like:

  • hunting accessories
  • bait and tackle
  • apparel
  • knives

The boxes come in three levels (starter, original, and elite), and range from $40 to $180 in value!


$35.00 / month
Monsterbass is a monthly subscription box that’s tailored to you! Upon signing up, you’ll tell Monsterbass where you live and fish, whether you prefer fishing from a dock or a boat, and your skill level. They will then customize your box each month with baits from the best brands on the market. If there is something in your box that you love, you can return to the website to order more!