Top 10 Open Face Reels from $50 – $100

Are you a outdoors enthusiast with a love of fishing? Seeking the best quality open face spinning reels without wanting to spend a fortune seems like an impossible feat, until now. Read on to learn about 10 of the best, affordable open face reels you can snag for under $100. Choosing your next reel- or gift for a learning angler- has never been easier!

1. KastKing Mela Spinning Reel


ICAST Best of Show award winning brand KastKing provides strong design and performance accompanied by an affordable price with the Mela Spinning Reel. The Mela II, new for 2017, is equipped with 10 +1 corrosion resistant ball bearings, precision brass gears, a CNC machined aluminum handle suitable for right or left handed sportsmen, a hardened metal main shaft, and triple disc carbon drag washers. This reel is as attractive as it is high-performance, with a graphite reel and smooth black finish. Boasting up to 26 LB/ 12KG carbon fiber max drag power, this low-cost open face reel is great for experienced fishing enthusiasts or as a gift for an enthusiastic learner.

2. Piscifun Destroyer Sealed Spinning Reel


This cheap open face reel is every angler’s dream. It is smooth, durable, and most importantly, corrosion resistant featuring 7 stainless steel ball bearings + 1 roller bearing and 16.8 LB max sealed disc carbon fiber drag. Can be used for fresh or salt water fishing. The Destroyer’s aluminum body and body cover, strong graphite rotor and titanium coat line roller, interchangeable righty or lefty CNC machined aluminum handle, and comfortable, ergonomic design drag knob make this a great reel for the price.

3. KastKing Sharky Spinning Fishing Reel


Another of KastKing’s great affordable open face reels, the Sharky Baitfeeder is a unique spinning reel featuring classic front and rear drag, carbon fiber drag, and innovative technology for a smooth experience. Kastking’s Baitfeeder compares well with similar models from Okuma, Penn, Shimano, or Daiwa for a fraction of the cost. This reel is powerful with up to 33 LB max drive. Pair that with the corrosion-free graphite body, computer balanced rotor, or the stainless steel mainshaft and you have yourself a solid, well-made low-cost open face spinning reel.

4. Fiblink Metal Spinning Fishing Reel


Like to salt water fish as well as fresh water? This affordable open face reel is suitable for both of your favorite pastimes! Featuring 9 stainless steel ball bearings + 1 Super Stopper Anti Reverse roller bearing, a front drag system, interchangeable handle, aluminum rotor and aluminum body, this large capacity reel is sure to become your new favorite toy.

5. KastKing Mako Spinning Reel


With KastKing’s Mako, speed is key. Your race against fate when reeling in the big catch will be easier than ever with Mako’s CNC machined aluminum handle picking up 36 inches of line per turn. Mako’s unique reel rotor design with a deep aluminum spool is not a look you’ll find available from other competitors. How does it stack up? It’s smooth, with 8 stainless steel shielded ball bearings + 1 instant stop anti-reverse bearing.

6. Piscifun Starry Spinning Reel


Another of Piscifun’s low-cost open face reels have made it to the list. The Starry spinning reels are engineered with sleek design and performance in mind to help you land a trophy catch on your next fresh water excursion. Control big fish with consistent pressure thanks to the 6 washer, carbon fiber drag system and slow line lay oscillation system. A rigid aluminum body provides a durable foundation to support this reels innovative features.

7. KastKing BD Heavy Duty Spinning Fishing Reels


Go big or go home! Are you looking to ubgrade your freshwater or saltwater open face spinning real from the likes of Penn, Okuma, or others but want to save a lot of money?

KastKing BD spinning reels are the ideal reels for anglers who require the use of a Heavy Duty reel. If you’re preparing for battle on the water, a BD is the reel that can help you win it. Features: 9 stainless steel ball bearings + 1 instant stop one-way anti-reverse bearing for smooth performance, a precision machined pinion gear, and durable steel, perfect-mesh drive gear.

8. Winbest 4+1bb Blue High Quality Oversea Anti-rust Spinning Reel


Sometimes simplicity is best. This cheap open face spinning real is top quality for the lowest cost. Features a stylish wooden handle and comfortable grip, this is the perfect low-cost spinning reel for a beginning angler!

9. Ecooda Havoc Carbon Fiber Body Spinning Reel


If you’re in the market for a reel that has high drag power but is as light as a feather but you don’t want to pay all outdoors for it, the Ecooda Havoc is the affordable spinning reel for you. It’s metal body and aluminum spool is corrosion resistant. The computer micro balanced system provides the ultimate in performance. Give Ecooda’s patented Power Launch spool design a try. Features low noise drive train, stylish color scheme, and 7+1 bearings.

10. KastKing Assassin Carbon Baitcasting Reel


The last afforable, low-cost open face spinning reel on our list is the latest from KastKing, the 5.7 oz lightweight reel sporting 16.5 LB carbon fiber drag, 11+1 bearings, and dual brakes. The creme de la creme of cheap spinning reels, you can cast all day without your arm falling off and haul in the big fish with ease. The Assassin Carbon Baitcasting Reel is a ridiculously good steal as far as pricing for durability and features is concerned.

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