Top 10 Open Face Reels Under $50

Open face reels, or spinning reels, offer a flexible platform suited to a wide range of fishing. Its versatility and adaptability have made it an extremely popular choice for anglers of every level of proficiency and individual preference as a result. It is exceptionally popular among novices and beginners, who find that the lack of backlash makes for much easier and straightforward operation than that which is involved with a traditional revolving spool.

Here are ten of the best, most affordable open face reels available today.

KastKing Summer Spinning Reel


This lightweight and affordable open face reel offers a sleek appearance and smooth operation. Its narrow frame stands in defiance of the power that lurks behind it, with its nine ball bearings delivering smooth performance at up to 20 lbs. of draw. Anodized aluminum construction and sleek metal finishing combine to add an elegant touch of style to this low-cost open face reel.

Tact-Pro Open Face Spinning Fishing Reel


Tact-Pro is a new brand, produced by the well-established manufacturers of a wide range of outdoor equipment, coupling well-earned expertise with the desire to establish themselves as the new authority in professional angling. This affordable open-face spinning reel features a full metal body, machine-cut and finely articulated. It is flexible in use, but falling and crashing are things of the past.

Shelure Spinning Fishing Reel


Shelure’s sleek, smoothly designed reel is equally effective for freshwater and saltwater fishing. The manufacturer’s patented 12+1 ball bearing design allows for smooth rotation all the way around, without a hitch. The lightweight, ultra-hard aluminum central shaft is designed to be extremely resilient despite being very thin. Among low-cost open face reels, Shelure’s reels stand out for their efficiency: in addition to a large spool, a unique line-only winding function makes it easier to fight the big fish.

Fish-master Outdoor Yomores High Performance Open Foldable Spining Fishing Reel


Fish-master’s high performance model is a cheap open face reel with a full metal folding rocker and easily interchangeable parts for quick repair as need be. It is durable and rugged enough to land much larger fish than its light weight would suggest, while offering a comfortable rubber grip for steady, long-term operation.

South Bend Mirage 431A


A multi-functional open face spinning reel with attitude, the South Bend Mirage 431A can be used interchangeably, regardless of angler handedness. It features quick change at the push of a button, an optional silent anti-reverse function at the angler’s discretion, and a positive internal bait trip. One of the most affordable open face reels available today, the Mirage is exceptionally sturdy, and is available in three different weight classes and yardages.

Shimano F DRAG SPIN REEL 4.1


From Shimano, a well-established line in both amateur and professional fishing gear, the spin reel 4.1 is a simple and straightforward design without a lot of bells and whistles. It is designed to be sturdy, lightweight, efficient, and durable, providing a lot of bang for an angler’s buck while avoiding any serious complications. Offering unusual overall quality and functionality for such a low-cost open face reel, Shimano delivers a sleek and stylish package without all the fuss.

Emmrod D.C.M Open Face Spin Reel


Emmrod produces top-of-the-line reels with an eye for both visual style and high-performance quality. Their open face reel is mounted on a simple, no-fail three ball bearing system, and features full all-metal construction for maximum quality and long product life. With care, this reel will last any experienced angler for a long time. Its sleek, professional appearance adds to its charm as well.

Boduo Spinning Fishing Reel


Boduo produces a smooth, even-handed open face reel with a sleek and stylish design. Nine ball bearings ensure an even circular motion without a hitch, and its handle can be switched, accommodating anglers of either handedness. Its 245-gram draw falls on a 5:2:1 transmission ratio. The reel is crafted of high-quality materials with a smooth feel, and is equally at home going after freshwater or saltwater fish.

SAGUARO Smallest Metal Bait Casting Mini Spinning Fishing Reel


This is a lightweight, friendly, and easy-to-use model, one of the smallest low-cost open face reels. Saguaro’s reel is expressly designed for ice fishing in lakes, streams, ponds and reservoirs, but is also rated highly for sea fishing. Its highly durable and extremely accurate design corresponds to a transmission ratio of 3:6:1. Its handle is non-foldable; it is not terribly effective for left-handed anglers, but is overall simple and easy to use.

Fanova 12 Axis KB5000


This durable metal open face spinning reel features very little chink between gears for a smooth, shake-free operation. Its 11 axletree design allows fishing line to twin around its central core stably and evenly, making it easier to catch the bigger fish that drag out the fight for longer. The reel itself is waterproof, and resistant to corrosion; before putting it away, give it a good wash and let it dry, and it’ll be ready for use the very next time you need a reliable open face reel.

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