Top 10 Trolling Reels from $100 – $200

Finding a reliable trolling reel can seem like a daunting task. Each reel is composed of various components intended to outmatch its competition. When it comes to finding the best reel available, it is important to note whether you are looking for a reliable daily use product, a reel for both fresh and salt water use, or something to use for light angling. These ten reels offer some of the most advanced technology that are proven to be reliable for many years ahead.

1. Penn Squall Level Wind Reel SQL50LW

penn-squall-level-wind-reel-sql50lw-trolling-reels-from-100-to-200The graphite frame and side plates keep this reel lightweight for long days out fishing. This is an extremely affordable reel option that is used by professionals around the world. This reel is tested for quality and durability so you can rest assure knowing the high strength stainless steel pinion gear will work flawlessly all day long. In addition to the 2+1 shielded stainless steel bearing system, anti-reverse and HT-100 drag washers ensure your reel remains smooth and steady even during the most challenging times.

2. Okuma Cold Water Linecounter Trolling Reel

okuma-cold-water-linecounter-trolling-reel-trolling-reels-from-100-to-200This is a cheap trolling reel that offers all the extras that come with higher end products. This reel is made with the highest quality steel and tested for reliability and quality. Professionals around the world choose this lightweight reel that comes with a drop down gear box with a self-lubricating gear system. The corrosion resistant frame and side plates and multi-disc carbonite drag system are just some of the components that make this reel an excellent option. The ratcheting drag star makes precise dragging a breeze.

3. Abu Garcia C3 Catfish Special Round

abu-garcia-c3-catfish-special-round-trolling-reels-from-100-to-200The Abu Garcia C3 Catfish Special round reel is perfect for fisherman at ever level. The 6 pin centrifugal brake provides consistent brake pressure throughout the entire case. This reel contains a synchronized level wind system that is guaranteed to improve line lay and stability. Not only does this reel come with an extended bent handle that provides increased cranking power, but its carbon matrix drag system provides users with a smooth and consistent drag pressure.

4. Shimano Tekota 300 Conventional Trolling Reel(4.2:1), 14 Pounds/220 Yards

shimano-tekota-300-conventional-trolling-reel4-21-14-pounds220-yards-trolling-reels-from-100-to-200One of the best conventional reels around is the Shimano Tekota 300 conventional trolling reel. This is a perfect reel for fresh or saltwater species. The 14 pound 220-yard line provide a maximum 12-pound drag, perfect for species ranging from tuna to walleye. The advanced features of this reel make it a reliable option for even the longest day. Complete with non-handle side plates composed of aluminum based graphite, a manual clutch lever, and an oversized cast control knob.

5. DAM Quick Steelpower RED – Saltwater Trolling Reel – Lefthand

dam-quick-steelpower-red-saltwater-trolling-reel-lefthand-trolling-reels-from-100-to-200The DAM Quick Steelpower RED is a great low-cost trolling reel for left-handed individuals. This engineered beauty contains a very powerful one piece machine-cut frame construction complete with stainless steel outer rings on the left and right sides making it the perfect choice for extreme conditions. This red anodized aluminum reel is saltwater resistant and comes complete with strong ABS-graphite plates on both sides. The micro-adjustable multi-disc drag system ensures users experience a smooth drag the entire distance.

6. Fin-Nor Sportfisher Lever-Drag Trolling Fishing Reel

fin-nor-sportfisher-lever-drag-trolling-fishing-reel-trolling-reels-from-100-to-200If you are an angler searching for a large line capacity, strong, and durable reel, then you are in luck. The Fin-Nor Sportfisher reel is the perfect level-drag trolling fishing reel option for even the least experienced fisherman. This oversized drag system is extremely heavy-duty, composed of carbon fiber. The handle is extremely ergonomic and made up of stainless steel components sure to be a reliable choice for even the most extensive use.

7. Okuma Clarion Level Wind High Speed Trolling Reel (Medium)

okuma-clarion-level-wind-high-speed-trolling-reel-medium-trolling-reels-from-100-to-200The Okuma’s Clarion CLR-453LS is the perfect reel for showing off Okuma’s patented Mechanical Stabilizing System. This system ties the main gear and its components together with a single support system for superior performance and alignment over longer periods. This reel is the perfect option for larger fish, like salmon, catfish, rockfish and lake trout. The multi-disc carbonite drag system and self-lubricating gear system turn heavy lead fisheries into a simple one-handed experience.

8. Fin-Nor LTL16 Lethal Trolling Reel

fin-nor-ltl16-lethal-trolling-reel-trolling-reels-from-100-to-200The Fin-Nor LTL16 Lethal Trolling Reel was specially designed to take control over even the most challenging waters. The aluminum body, side plates, and rotor are coated with MegaShield to provide a multilayer protection against corrosion in order to ensure a long life ahead. Equipped with a MegaDrag carbon-fiber washer drag system and anti-reverse system, this reel is designed to make reeling a breeze.

9. Cabo PT CLW30PTS Trolling Levelwind Reel 400yds

cabo-pt-clw30pts-trolling-levelwind-reel-400yds-trolling-reels-from-100-to-200The Cabo PT CLW30PTS Trolling Levelwind Reel is specially engineered to be a reliable tool for saltwater use. This solid, one-piece aluminum frame contains super hard brass alloy machined gears, anti-reverse with a backup pawl and a highly reliable ratchet system with an oversized power knob. The StaltGuard multi-layer corrosion protection ensures the reel remains corrosion free and in top condition no matter how many times it is used. The sealed Magnum clutch and CSC drag are just some of the features this reel boasts.

10. Daiwa Accudepth Plus 47LCBL – Multiplier reel with Linecounter + braided line

daiwa-accudepth-plus-47lcbl-multiplier-reel-with-linecounter-braided-line-trolling-reels-from-100-to-200This is a low-cost trolling reel offered by the highly reliable Daiwa brand. This reel is perfect for fresh or saltwater use and contains a 1 ball bearing integrated line counter so you know just how far you cast. In addition to the automatic level wind, this reel comes complete with an adjustable free spool and a finely adjustable drag making it an extremely reliable option for a cheap trolling reel.

Every angler will find the perfect trolling reel for their deep water excursion.

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