Top 10 7′ Spinning Rods

Naturally, shopping for 7′ spinning rods should be done carefully and intelligently. While the right rod can easily last you a lifetime, investing in the wrong rod could potentially be a very expensive mistake.

To substantially cut down the margin of error, you can do yourself a favor by seeking out low-cost 7′ spinning rods that don’t come up short when it comes to the most important qualities.

Affordable 7′ spinning rods are not only friendly to your wallet, but they can be downright superior to some of the more expensive models on the market. The following are some of the best cheap 7′ spinning rods to consider before deciding on your next purchase.

Berkley Ultralight Trout Dough Spin Rod


Berkley’s ultralight trout dough spin rod boasts one of the most widely-trusted brand names in the fishing equipment industry. The ultralight spinning rod is designed for moderate action, with a lure weight of 1/32-1/4 ounces. Designed with nine guides in total and a line weight capacity of up to 6 pounds, this spinning rod was made to help its owner catch more fish with ease.

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Falcon Rods HD Spinning Rod


Falcon Rods’ HD spinning rod is built with a blank of graphite, a material valued by anglers for its balance of lightweight control and dependable durability. The rod has one hundred percent Fuji guides, a Fuji exposed blank reel seat, and a natural cork handle.

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Shakespeare USCS1170MH Ugly Stik Custom Bigwater Fishing Rod


The Shakespeare USC1170MH Ugly Stik spinning rod has been optimized for heightened sensitivity and strength through two unique implementations: the patented Ugly Stik Clear Tip design, and the Howald Process.

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Okuma NTx-S-703M 7-Feet Spin Medium Nomad Xpress Boat Rod


Okuma’s NTx-S-703M spinning rod features a 3-section rod blank and European spigot ferrule connection. The rod blank is constructed out of graphite, and the entire frame has been rigorously tested to certify its long-term reliability. This rod’s dependable strength has made it one of the more popular rods among professional anglers around the world.

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St Croix Eyecon Series Spinning Rods


St. Croix Eyecon Series spinning rods are made with premium quality SC II graphite. To optimize the rod’s overall performance for anglers with different casting styles, the rods in the walleye series have been designed on a technique-specific basis.

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Shakespeare UGLYBWSPKIT Ugly Stik Bigwater Telescopic Spinning Reel Kit


Shakespeare’s UGLYBWSPKIT telescopic spinning reel has ceramic inserts, stainless steel guides, and durable EVA grips. The rob is primarily designed for medium-to-heavy action, with pre-tied leaders and a barrel swivel. The 14lb line has been put in place to pre-spool the 50-size graphite spinning wheel.

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Berkley Cherrywood HD 7-Feet Medium Spinning Combo


Berkley’s Cherrywood spinning combo is a 2-piece rod with a graphite reel frame. The rod is specially built with a ported aluminum spool and a 4+1 ball bearing system. This spinning rod features instant anti-reverse functionality and has been pre-spooled with Berkley Trilene XL as well.

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Eagle Claw WE200-7 Water Eagle Spin Rod


Eagle Claw’s WE200-7 spin rod is another affordable 7′ rod that was designed for medium-heavy action. The spin rod is a 2-piece model that was made to be easily used by both veterans and beginners alike. The rod is capable of functioning equally well in both freshwater and saltwater.

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Falcon Rods Coastal Split Spinning Rod


Falcon Rods’ Coastal Split spinning rod features a medium popper split, and the rod’s line tests showed a range of between 10 and 20 pounds. Like the HD Spinning rod, the Coastal Split rod is built with a natural cork handle, a Fuji exposed blank reel seat, a graphite blank, and 100 percent Fuji guides.

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Maxcatch One-Piece Spinning Rod

Maxcatch One-Piece Spinning Rod

Maxcatch’s one-piece spinning rod has been designed for superior sensitivity with the implementation of high modulus IM8 graphite. The American Tackle Microwave Guide system streamlines the rod’s line control. The rod also features Fuji’s innovative TVS spinning reel seat and a split cork grip handle.

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As you can tell by the above products, the best 7′ spinning rod doesn’t necessarily have to be a bank-breaking investment. A top 7′ spinning rod is one built with a proper balance of flexibility, power, and maneuverability; none of these things necessitate a colossal price tag to implement.

If you’re interested in buying a spinning rod for kids, the same critical eye for key components instead of a high price should be used in making your final decision.

A spinning rod for women, a spinning rod for children, and a spinning rod for beginners can all be top-performing tools without top-shelf price rags. Let the above 7′ spinning rods serve as your guiding standard, if not your first picks for the next spinning rod purchase you make.

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